Wednesday, December 02, 2009


It is beyond my comprehension why so many of us, while traversing the highway of our lives on this earth in these, our eternal souls, cannot resist the billboards lining the way enticing us to exit to see the reptile farm, the cadillac ranch, the house-sized ball of yarn, the Winchester Mystery House, any garish freak show coming up on the next exit.
So, we cannot look at the beggars at our prominent city intersections, even if we drop them a fiver. We cannot bear to see the good heart that may actually beat under the torn and worn clothing of the homeless, so we look away or even cross the street to avoid encounter.
But we will, dollars to donuts, slow down to rubberneck the fiery car crash. We will spend hours looking for "dirt," whether for mere entertainment or for sinister or sinful purposes.
So, now the world's at attention as the infinitesmal looking glass tries to fry open the life, the soul, the integrity of a King that was presumed, nee even ordained, to have been the epitome of a champion. Tiger as Aslan. "Say it ain't so, Joe," is the legendary quote from the kid/fan to Shoeless Joe at the culmination of the Black Sox scandal.
Well, Christ be with Mr. Woods, his wife, his children and those closest to his heart.
Memo to all Talking Heads: All our houses are made of glass in this veil of tears. Try to remember that before you circle your next kill and enter the feeding frenzy. Remember that; Christ will remember.
Then look in the mirror.