Tuesday, November 08, 2011

You Want Fear and Loathing?

I'll give ya Fear and Loathing!*

"Can you say 'Ambulance Chaser' and "rhemora?"

Every time a film, a book, a cheezy History Channel program enters the popular field of vision about whether IT walks among us NOW, that shark-suited, thin tied Eurotrash multilingual beast, the Anti-Christ, it is always portrayed as a guy. Someone who prob'ly looks somewhere between a young Daniel Day-Lewis and Jude Law. Not bad casting, that.
But has anybody ever considered......
Hint if you're not up on current events, this isn't Sen. Dianne Feinstein (I respect her.) Second hint, she's not one of Meg Whitman's gal pals most likely either.
Yes, I know this has nothing to do with RC liturgy.
Might be more in tune with PT Barnum liturgy.
P'tooie. Just typing this makes me feel yucky.
I'm not big on the "Where's the Anti-Christ" hoopla that occasionally pops up within the 24 hour news cycle. America's attention span, compromised as it is, often fails to notice some patterns that indicate lots of stuff seems to have gone awry. Anyone notice lately how much airtime Bill Clinton's getting lately? Frankly I'm surprised that Mr. Obama hasn't slipped quietly, Michelle, lovely girls and dog in tow, out a hidden door of the White House and taken a suite at the Watergate, there's been such a clamor, a longing for a Clinton, any Clinton including Chelsea, to take the desk in the Oval Office. But Mr. Obama's a wise guy. He knows were he to vacate, we'd be stuck with crazy Joe! Can't have that as a legacy, can one? I've digressed.