Thursday, May 23, 2013

Requiem for all races, creeds and freedom

When you read your newspaper, magazine, blog or watch your FOX, CNN or MSNBC news "delivery" programs, please note that regarding the barbaric murder of British Army drummer Lee Rigby yesterday near London you will likely not see his image as a prominent feature in the reporting.
Already the video of one of his slayers circled the globe faster than the earth rotates on its axis and will continue to do so and garner more attention because of the Muslim jihadist rant he so fanatically mouthed to whomever was recording it on their smart phone video, but also because of the beyond Sweeney Todd, Bill the Butcher level of graphic carnage visible on the perpetrator's hands, his left hand still clutching kitchen tools become IED's of a knife and cleaver.
And the merry-go-round, get nowhere analysis of this affrontery to civilization of all types and stripes will focus upon blaming Islam or not.
I want to leave you with one thought before you ponder your position on that unanswerable question: What if the "self-radicalized, unaffiliated with Al Queda, native-borne Islamist jihadist" murderers yesterday had encountered soldier Lee Rigby as a black soldier, a Pakastani/British soldier, another Nigerian/British soldier, or any other soldier of color? Would they have followed through with their brutal intentions then?