Sunday, February 09, 2014

Another Gaudete Sunday, in a Yellow Submarine?

Music. God's. Greatest. Gift. Someone of my disposition could never have imagined that a transformative event fifty years ago, same day, same date save for the half-century, would elicit the earily identical existential feelings, thoughts and cosmic synchronicity a SECOND TIME in one's life, propelled by the congealed charisms and talent of four of God's greatest evangelists in all of history. The Celebration of the debut of the Beatles to America on the Ed Sullivan show has been long chronicled, clarioned, critiqued and crowned as almost a cosmic singularity in the cultural life of humanity's unfolding story. Tonight's event proves none of that amounts to hyperbole. It can't be talked about tonight, right after taking it all in, albeit appropriately again in front of a two dimensional visual mechanism. As a musician, a Roman Catholic and a Roman Catholic musician, I won't dishonor or do disservice by some immediate, contrived commentary linking the worlds I've inhabited since my adolescence with total devotion to each, both and as might be projected, one in a unified field theory of music's genesis and essence. So, that's enough of that, for NOW. Suffice it to say, let it be said that all the smug doubters of yesteryear to the last few day's buildup touting the Stones or the Who or Zeppelin, tonight's concert with the two remaining members of those beautiful boys of February 9, 1964 not only upright and breathing, proved that the Beatles were always, at heart, a bona fide ROCK AND ROLL band besides the most evolutionary musical enterprise in popular music ever. Un-freaking-believable, b'lieve in dat.