Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anima mea!

Does anyone else remember that mythological equation attributed to our Native Americans, Aboriginals, Nahuatal, thems that crossed the Bering Straits a whilst back?
"Don't take my picture with your damn camera! If'n you do you'll rip my soul outta myself, then I'll have t' kill ya!"

I love Carolina Cannonball's CRESCAT posts if for nothing else than the daily dose of sacred paintings she unveils. OTOH, can I borrow a page from the Haugen-Daaz haters and squeak out on behalf of another moratorium? Can we agree to cease and desist with the barrage of photos of every Ursus Antiquor/EF/TLM Mass that comes down the blogosphere pike daily as well?
Okay, we all get it! "It" is the ritual itself that is beautiful and should be experienced by all professed Christians. But the photos of same are just photos. And Lord knows there's a plenty of them at NLM and everywhere else that's Reform2 oriented to have already sufficed to sway any passersby to actually attend their nearest EF!
I'm convinced that the "shock and awe" factor in the photo album has long since passed; folks who linger on each and every pic in the neverending album have way too much time on their hands. It's a little unseemly and narcissistic for my tastes.
Record them, by all means! Put them all into a "How-to" book with audio downloads.
But the incessant parade of them has lost momentum.
Take pictures of folks ladeling out soup at rescue missions, volunteering at nursing homes and jails, rehearsing polyphony on Wednesday night when only one bass and no tenors are present among the 80/20 ratio of warbling sopranos to altos. Show pictures of folks at wedding and funeral receptions, or Christophers offering Communion at hospital intensive care wings.
That would be soul-filled.

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