Saturday, June 12, 2010

Order of Music
Saint Mary's Parish
June 13, 2010
11th Sunday, Ordinary Time

Introit Antiphon: S "Consider, O Lord, and hear me…." Anglican Use Gradual
Entrance: SE #551 STAND BY ME 500 (Kendzia)

Opening Rites: S Misa Oecumenica Kyrie /Gloria(Proulx)
E Kyrie (Sleeth Mass)/Dancing Day Gloria (P.Ford)

Responsorial: SE Respond & Acclaim

Gospel Accl.: S Mode VI Alleluia-chanted
E Alleluia (Sleeth Mass)

Offertory: S #532 HOLD ME IN LIFE 243 (Huijbers) cp
E #526 DWELLING PLACE 136 (Foley)

Eucharistic Accl.: S Misa Oecumenica (Proulx)
E Holy/Christ/ Amen /Lamb (Sleeth Mass)

Communion Procession: SE Antiphon: "One thing have I desired…" Anglican Use Gradual
SE #400 THIS ALONE 552 (Manion)

Communion Anthem: S GOD OF MERCY (Monteverdi)
E #567 SACRED SILENCE 449 (Booth/Pixler)

Recessional: S #705 HEALING RIVER OF THE SPIRIT 206 (Beach Spring)
E #611 IN THE DAY OF THE LORD 259 (Ridge)

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Matthew Baute said...

Charles: Very glad to have found your blog via The Chant Cafe.

Where can I find The Sleeth Mass and P. Ford's Dancing Day Gloria? I've scoured the Internet to no avail.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading you blog often.