Thursday, June 30, 2011

Order of Music-July 3, 2011
Saint Mary’s Parish, Visalia, California

14th Sunday, OrdinaryTime

Introit: S “Within Your Temple…”Simple Choral Gradual/R.Rice

Entrance: SE #480 I HEARD THE VOICE OF JESUS 239 (Kingsfold) cp

Opening Rites: S Kyrie-plainsong/Oecumenica-Culbreth

E Kyrie(Sleeth)/Dancing Day Gloria-Ford

Responsorial: SE Respond & Acclaim

Gospel Accl.: S plainsong “Alleluia”modeVI

E Alleluia (Sleeth)

Offertory: S #537 WE WALK IN FAITH/IN TIMES OF TROUBLE 605 (Jesus dulcis)

E #518 ALL THAT IS HIDDEN 21 (Farrell)

Eucharistic Accl.: S Oecumenica/Agnus Dei

E Holy/Christ/ Amen (Hurd) /Lamb (Culbreth)

Communion Procession: SE Antiphon: “Gustate et Videte”

S #331 TASTE AND SEE 510 (Moore)

E #775 TASTE AND SEE 675 (Talbot)

Communion Anthem: SE #650 THIS IS MY SONG 556 (Finlandia)

Recessional: S #654 GOD OF OUR FATHERS 188 (National hymn) TP descant


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