Monday, February 11, 2013


Ave Joseph Ratzinger, Papa Benedict XVI, my heart is full of love and aching gratefulness for the gift of God you have been and shared with all the world.

With every breath you’ve taken you have let the Holy Spirit in-dwell within your soul. With every word and deed strengthened by that wind you have taught all who’ve known you close and from afar, the world and the very universe your classroom.

My own “nunc dimitis” is that God’s respite for you, your brother and your brothers in glory lasts long for our own sakes, and as bittersweet as your adieu is to accept.

You set a seal upon my heart. It was not that of your emblem.

As has always been your calling, it was the Cross of our Lord etched there.

And that has cleaved my oft hardened heart to open to the love of our Father.

Ave, mein Vater, BrĂ¼der und Lehrer.

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