Monday, June 22, 2009

Now Everyone Knows Why "She is 'your' BETTER HALF."
After nearly forty years in this "biz," it is truly remarkable how one feels when you walk into yet another convention, so to speak, and then feel the joy, soak in the radiant smiles and revel in the company of colleagues who definitely are not at "yet another convention."
What has been so fabulous are the greetings to Wendy. "We feel like we've known you for so have to be Charles' wife!...." or in Fr. Keyes' case "Wendy, how have you managed for so long?!?"
11 out of the 12 wines made it in tact from CA to IL. Lost one Central Coast Zin. Zin tax, plenary indulgence, part of building the high altar in Exodus I must have read in the Douay-Rheims somewhere...
Schedule is fantastic, book is unbelievable, as Jeffrey lauded over at NLM, can't wait for poly rehearsal tonight!
Made an ill-planned walk for more "fortitude" along a sultry northern Chicago street, looking for stemware. Yes, I'm that stupid.
We did find two plastic margarita goblets at CVS.
And then did the Lord part the seas. MA, AOZ, D.H., Jeffrey and some others were sipping pilsners and chardonnay at the Bananas Foster Cafe as we happened along. I went inside to get some white I asked the owner if he ever sold his wine glasses. He kind of grunted "How many?" "Four." "Okay." A glass of Chardonnay and four glasses-$7.00. Te Deum laudamus, soli Deo gloria and Deo gratias!
For into the evening.

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