Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The View From the Other Side of the Dorm Room
This is Wendy's first reflection on the trek to CMAA through the forced march of 35 years of post-concilior liturgy shared within our marriage and life experiences.

In sharing with a friend in California earlier today while sitting in front of the Maris Stella Chapel, looking out at Lake Michigan, this is a life changing experience which cannot be expressed other than in beauty and tears... raised Anglican and confirmed on the eve of my marriage, the past 36 years as a Catholic have been spent assisting others in prayerfully, musically worshipping God at Mass and through other experiences. Although there have been moments of the sacred through the years, and although it has been with reverence and love that I have offered my abilities and time to the Church, there has been nothing to reflect in association with the experience at the Colloquium thus far and to come. The intensity, simplicity, reverence, awareness, expertise, love...poured out, one for each other, by all attending this retreat is overwhelming to my experience - hence expression in beauty and tears. With joy I lift up my voice in the midst of the great beauty. With joy and heartfelt gratitude, my tears flow silently.

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