Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 21, 2010
From our pastor, as well as some published news sources:
Bishop John's blood clotting issues have both presented in his legs, but more urgently in his lungs. By what was said, I infer he is not intibated, but is receiving oxygen constantly in the ICU via mask delivery. He cannot receive any visitations, apparently even from our Vicar General. 
I realize that in the narrow, earth-bound bandwith of the web (apt term, that) that is Satan's playground, there are many who have leveled criticism at our bishop, other bishops as well as the priesthood in general over the last generation for various earned and presumed reasons. But all that aside, we cannot fail to be Christians toward any soul in need of comfort, and particularly those of our ordained clergy.
Who among us has not injured others as well as having been injured? It's very simple, everyday 24/7- we are to love one another as He loved us.
Pray for Bishop John, because he has prayed for us, and we will need the prayers of others as we are put to the test. It is our measure, make no mistake.  

November 15, 2010

Bishop John Steinbock has been hospitalized in critical, but stable condition. A spokesperson for Saint Agnes Medical Center confirmed he is being treated there, but would not say why he was hospitalized. The Bishop for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno announced in August that he had lung cancer.

As we look forward to this potentially momentous week as our bishops convene, one of their brothers will not be in attendance. Bsp. John Thomas Steinbock was diagnosed with a st.3/4 level of lung cancer just over a month ago, and is currently hospitalized at St. Agnes Hospital due to blood clotting issues. He has, according to all sources, remained upbeat and confident that he will come out of this current hospitalization, get in a round or two.

Though he'd likely not describe himself as a particularly liturgically savvy celebrant, he has always demonstrated an obvious love of the Lord as a celebrant, and an ardent advocate for social justice, right to life, youth ministries, R/E and a myriad of ecclesial concerns.

When you have a moment....

Through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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Chris Allen said...

Amen, Charles. And he's a pretty nice man, to boot, and quite affable.