Saturday, October 06, 2012

Back to our Scheduled Programming!

I'm going to conclude my analysis of what contents of OCP's Breaking Bread pulp hymnal have some merit worthy of any interested party's attention. I didn't mention in the first post that I'd obviously not chosen to include any standard hymns, chants or songs that are more commonly presumably known and sung across the Anglophone sphere of churches. I also chose not to consider the "psalter" and "ordinary" setting portions of the book, simply because other than "Jubilate Deo" we do not use those in our parishes. And I wish I could state that the woeful track record of OCP editorial decisions about which of their catalogue ordinary offerings makes the "big book" league has improved, but alas I can't.

Sacred Silence Tom Booth/Jenny Pixler Perhaps too obvious a pleading prayer, but the intent and effect of the setting works

Laudate, laudate Dominum Christopher Walker A veddy British, triumphal refrain (Lift high the Cross), in Latin. The verse texts overwork a sort of militant church ethos, but I'm not particularly bothered by that.

Thanks be to God Stephen Dean A "meat and potatos" text, also with a British flavor that has a mixolydian great final cadence.

The Lord is my Light Walker Chris Walker's forays into neo-Celtic strains now and then, but not with this lovely setting alluding to Ps.27.

Be Still My Soul Finlandia (Sibelius) What should be numero uno Funeral Hymn rather than OEW, SMOG or HGTA

O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts Jesu dulcis memoria I'm sure Kathleen Pluth could refine Ray Palmer's Bernard of Clairvaux hymn, but it still works as is.

There is nothing told about this woman Rv. Christopher Willcock, SJ One of the most unique and tender Marian texts married to an equally tender, yet strong tune.

Exodus 15 Whitaker-Sullivan If Ms. SW were among the Hebrews across the sea, they'd be singing this melody!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Culbreth,

I have looked high and low for way to send you a personal email, but not being particularly internet savvy, can't seem to locate one. I hope you vet comments sent into this box.

I am heart broken over the CC/OMDD & JT/ChantCafe affair. At the same time, I am also somewhat relieved that you will be free (free-r?) to write without reservations (all things being equal). I do love reading ChantCafe and will poke around PrayTell once in a while, but they do frighten me. I have always taken comfort that you would be there to smack some sense into each/both.

Further, neither have been particularly pragmatic (not even the wonderfully erudite Ms. Pluth) in helping us deal with parishes which have a little bit of everything. You Mr. Culbreth on the other hand have given us hope and a piece of paper to work with/from. I refer to your two posts; What is POSITIVE in the current OCP books? and Back to our Scheduled Programming! More mini-'reviews' please.

Thank you for pointing us in a workable direction. I pray the good Lord will continue to shower you with his choicest blessings.

Warmest regards,
The Old Biddy

Mr. C said...

You are too kind.
I love your nom de plume, or better, your "handle."
As I said in the post "I'm sixty-one..." I don't pre-approve commentary like I did for years any longer. I think it stifled folks, maybe, not that my blog has much traffic. But having been burned bgy commentary in other ancient forays, I will monitor and reserve the right to delete.
I hope to remain a positive voice in our efforts to recover the solemnity of our worship.