Monday, October 29, 2012

That was odd!

Happily waiting in my office email was a message from a lovely follower wondering if I was okay. It seems my blog had been "disappeared." Hmmm. So I clicked on its icon in bookmarks, boom, "This blog has been removed due to some unusual activity." Hmmm, squared. So, it provided some options which I exercized, which then exorcized whatever "unusual" activity (I'm sixty-one, pretty much incapable of unusual activity nowadays) had initiated the interruption. So, it seems I'm back in business. Thank you, TOB, for your kind note. I'm fine, BTW. The Raiders have won two games in a row, the Giants took the series, I'm praying for all the folks on the East Coast and here's hoping we'll resume with some articles after this very busy liturgical week.


Mike said...

Glad to see that your blog is back up.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Wondered.