Monday, September 10, 2012

Set my Quarterback Free!

This is not my oddest post here or elsewhere. I'm awakening from a long weekend, watching CBS's main football anchor, James Brown, give the Week One run down on the NFL's brightest moments. The subject of the Washington Redskins (irony) convincing win against the Saints in NOLA came up first, and it was so predictable-the subtle fawning over the new Moses of DC and the league, Robert Griffen III. He's "the kind of character you want to build your team around....He's so articulate and intelligent....he's magnetic.....he knows how to command the stage....."- on and on were the superlatives. His smile now adorns more newspapers and periodicals this morning than were ever seen exposing the Cheshire Cat's in ALICE.
But this is racism, folks. Albeit the well-meaning sort, but still insidious to my sensibilities. This rant is not meant to detract from the realities of the superlatives and the abilities and character of Griffen. But Brown was clear, for every Griffen III, there's five JaMarcus Russell's.
The culture is so flawed. It think it really started to go sideways when poor Rodney King was thrust into the glare of the news cycle not when he was savagely beaten after committing a misdemeanor driving act, and then his broken psyche was likely pushed before the media gauntlet to be the "other King, not MLK,Jr." and plead "Can't we all just get along?" And now both Kings are gone and largely footnoted to history. And once the Zimmerman trial is done, Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman will also await that fate as well.
Back to the NFL, the culture and the African-American Quarterback myth. I have a question for Mr. Brown and all who keep reminding us that the man and the system still keep the black quarterback down: who is Warren Moon, who is James Harris, who is Donovan McNabb, who is Michael Vick (there's a story!), who is Jason Campbell, who is Charlie Batch, Cam Newton, Doug Williams, Vince Evans, Steve McNair (RIP), Randall is tempted just to go on and on.
This sort of subtle, back-handed racial profiling got plenty of people in trouble in the past, ask Jimmy the Greek. But the Greek (RIP) was largely a jerk when viewed by the emerging PC culture at the time. But that big James and perky Noral O'Donnell who played Ed McMahon to the praising of Griffen would still perpetuate that "the black quarterback" was still some sort of social lab experiment is a huge slap in the post Obama era. Yeah, we're mired in racism and bigotry still. (I make a distinction, as learned by Malcom X's wisdom.) But it ain't at the quarterback position.
You want to find new pickings? Start praising Chinese-American point guards in the NBA, or the rise of erstwhile "white" superstars in world basketball. "Wow, that Dirk Nowitski is one gifted white boy forward, he's the second coming of Larry Bird. ('Course, he's from Germany, and those guys are really smart!)"

Oh, I forgot....this blog is about Roman Catholic Sacred Music. Hmmm.
How 'bout that Kevin Allen? Can he write some seriously great polyphony? And he's a Trad Catholic and Black, too? Wow! I'm telling you folks, he's a game changer!

Have a nice week, James.

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