Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why the children at Fatima? Who else would get it?

Yeah, I guess suicide's not so attractive a read, unless we're talking that of Western Civilization. Everyone has an opinion on that one.
But, everyone (even Kierkegaard) had at some point ask themselves "Why I am still on this planet?" Or this plane, this dimension, this veil of tears. Whatever.
Well, just look in the eyes of the nearest bunch of children, especially any that you have even the slightest influence over their maturation.
I have that privilege. Maybe that's what's kept me hopeful and definitely not disconsolate. We did the last formal rosary before our parochial celebration of Our Lady of Fatima tomorrow. Most of the music we will use at the Fatima Mass was arranged by me, Portuguese folk songs and hymns that I've somewhat fiddled with or actually amplified their qualities towards perceived or confected choral legitmacy. (What's that?)
But from our Kindergartners to the Eighth Bell Choir, such unaffected love and joy eminates. Yes, towards me, but they know I serve the Bigger Mr. C, Christ the Lord. God help me, I pray they eventually stay with the faith to know that as big as Mr. C was, Christ is Lord, King, Savior, who emptied Himself by reminding us to suffer these little ones, to call them to us, to be one of them always.
It is important.
That is to know that God our Father, through our BVM, with whom every woman who's ever breathed air has shared a unique burden and joy, gave us Baby Jesus, who was shortly recalled as a precocious gadabout lecturing rabbini in the Temple, only then to be rightly scolded by Mom (and maybe daddy J as well!)
We're all subs. Models. Exemplars. And we are children still while grown. We want joy and peace. Why? Because that is Eden, nature as intended. We are not automatons of past intelligentia posing as prophets of politics over peace.
That's what I was thinking of during the decades of tonight's Fatima Rosary. The One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church. There is no other. Christ is Alpha, gaudete! Christ is Omega, laetare.
How can you keep from singing:
A treze de Maio....

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