Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well, I am 61 and who gives a rip. Comment away!

When I first entered blogdom, I had no clue about how nefarious bad actors (that should read: each and every one of us, original sin an' all) could make things go south if one had nothing but good intentions and presumed everyone else did as well. Well, as soon as the first Far East porn spammer linked to my personal blog and, by extension, to the parish website, well...a little carpet time with the pastor spurred by a letter from an, ahem, unsympathetic parishioner presuming I endorsed any and all things that leeched into "my" cyberspace and thereby sullied the parish got my attention in a serious way. (Like, uh, this is my job! I'm really a good person, but "bad company" can be photo-shopped and ruin ANYONE, I mean existentially, RUIN ANYONE in a nano-second.) But, blogs are becoming passe. Yay! So, if anyone really gives a rip about my musings here and wants to stay on topic, I figure that this message will serve to let them know: If it's on topic, it's in. If it contains spurious crap, that being whatever I deem it to be, I'll yank it. If'n it's spam, spam, spam, spam.....then that robo-engine has an idiot for a client. I mean, who reads this blog that would possibly be interested in your ponzi scheme, zombie remedy, hooking up with whatever, or any hate group product line? We return to our normal programming.

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